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  • Since Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  • (KHI), built its first motorcycle in 1953, they've never stopped pushing technology to arm riders with what they need to dominate the streets.
  • Advanced engineering, exhaustive testing, and tireless passion go into every motorcycle every time rubber hits the road.
  • From industry-first features to the features that have evolved over a long history, KHI's innovations will never stop feeding the insatiable appetites of riders around the world.
  • Help protect your bike from tip-over damage.
2022 Z900 RS ZR900CNFBL
2022 Z900 RS CAFE ZR900ENFAL
2022 Z900RS SE ZR900NNFNL
2021 Z900 RS ZR900CMFBL
2021 Z900 RS CAFE ZR900EMFNL
2020 Z900 RS ZR900CLFB
2020 Z900 RS ZR900CLFBL
2020 Z900 RS CAFE ZR900ELFA
2020 Z900 RS CAFE ZR900ELFAL
2019 Z900 RS ZR900CKFB
2019 Z900 RS ZR900CKFBL
2019 Z900 RS CAFE ZR900EKF
2019 Z900 RS CAFE ZR900EKFL
2018 Z900 RS ZR900CJF
2018 Z900 RS ZR900CJFA
2018 Z900 RS ZR900CJFAL
2018 Z900 RS ZR900CJFL
2018 Z900 RS CAFE ZR900EJF